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Daily impressions of my random life.

12 pictures of the 12th of April 200612/4/2006

This is the first edition of a monthly tradition called "12 on the 12th". The idea was brought to me by Father Roderick from the Daily Breakfast Show (a great podcast experience), where it was suggested that on the 12th of each month everyone carries their digital camera with them and takes twelve pictures of the day - in that way the listeners can see each other's surroundings... So today was my start in this experiment. It felt a bit narcistic but in an innocent way. Further it felt nice, it opened my eyes to new beauty surrounding me. And also... it was a reason for me to finally set up a blog... I wonder if this is a spiritual thing to do (in what ways is it self-centered, is any of it useful to others???) but what the heck, I'll just do it to see what it's like.

My cherished cross statue. The palm thing is from last weekend. I was allowed to read the narrator's part in church during mass which felt really good. I like to read, and it was such a tremendous feeling, to realize how much more comfortable I have grown in my church - since last year when I was so nervous when I had to approach the altar to get baptized at easter !! Life has gotten so much better!

A way of the cross (15mm high). I like to make small things. This one I carry along to be in touch with the way of the cross during the day, it functions as sort of a rosary for me during Lent. A dream of me is to make small catholic gadgets and maybe sell them through a site. Well... at least today I've started my first tiny step by learning how to make a blog :-)

In the car to my friends house. This is an image taken at 100 km/h. I am trying, since Lent, not to speed at all, so not even to try to stay within the acceptable range, just drive 100 where 100 is allowed. It feels good. I think I'll continue doing this after Lent also.

A dream home. View from my friend's house, so I see it very often. We both dream about this summer house, so who knows one day we'll share it ;-)

My new bike, just 2 weeks old. My previous one was really worn out after 10 years (!) of true service, which is a very long time to hold on to a bike in Amsterdam! Compliments to the lock I've been using, I guess.

3 o'clock appointment at the unemployment office. I was very nervous but all went well.

After the relief of this appointment all looked better, even the tourists on my way home made me smile. They are so cute, photographing each other in front of the Rijksmuseum. And the sun came through a bit, Spring is very very late this year but I'm enjoying the prelude.

A dream home I encountered on my way home.

View from my bedroom. I love those enclosed gardens between streets at the backs of people's houses.

My prayer & meditation space. I love sitting here.

My dinner: sweet green beans, tomato and sausage. Good food is very important to me. It really is.

Cleaning my stove. Already halfway there! I'm looking forward to photographing it in another month!

After having made this series, I feel it a bit a pity that I haven't photographed any people. I have visited a girlfiend in Vinkeveen, and after dinner another girlfriend came to visit my house to watch the dvd of Princess Mononoke with me, which was also very neat. Pictures of people would surely enliven the image of my day, because they are important in my life, but I still feel a bit weird to publish people's faces publicly like this.... So who knows, maybe next month less anonimity?
Thanks for watching anyway!
Love from Laura in Amsterdam

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